Last updated July, 2019


By taking our tours you have a direct positive impact in the local community.

Check here the contribution made by the hundreds of people who have explored Chile with Tours with Meaning.

More than 100 native trees have been planted to reforest Patagonia

Join this new way to contribute!

Each of our city tours and trips includes a donation to an organization. Explore Chile with Tours with Meaning and contribute to the progress of the causes you are passionate about.

1.050.000 CLP

in donations

By taking one of our tours, you can learn about the local reality of themes that inspire you. Thank you for carrying on the conversation about diversity, inclusion and integration.

1650 hours

of sensitization

By organizing a city tour or trip with meaning for your workers, you give them the opportunity to train in an entertaining way on important issues to generate a good working environment in your company.

+50 workers