Book a Tour with Meaning for your team, and advance your Inclusion and Diversity Goals.


30 hours

of raising awareness

in a 10 person tour


Give your students the opportunity to talk and reflect on inclusion, diversity and respect by booking a Tour with Meaning

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Make your school or company a more inclusive space.

Why are inclusion and diversity important for my...?



Understand your client


Companies with diverse teams have a better capacity to understand the needs of their clients and will be better equipped to new business ideas. 

Have a creative and innovative team


Working with people from different backgrounds and skills encourages the creation of new products and services, as well as new and better ways to solve problems.

Retain your best talents


Support each and every one of your employees will have a positive impact in your companyś capacity to attract and retain talented leaders.

Make your company more competitive


With all of these advantages, you will give your company a greater advantage in the market.

Reduce bullying and discrimination

Inclusion and diversity programs strengthen empathy, reducing discrimination and harassment within your school, and creating a safer educational environment.

Create a Safe Space

Schools that promote inclusion and diversity provide a safer and more nurturing educational environment for students, which allows them to strengthen their skills and develop their talents fully.

Improve social skills

By interacting daily with a variety of people, students will be able to develop more assertive and positive social skills.

Amazing adults!

You will be educating your students to become outstanding adults, committed to positive values.